About Us

Aabshar E Ilm Education Social and Welfare Society is a non-political, non-religious and non-sectarian Charitable Society. Society was founded by association of a few inspired and motivational individuals who are intellectuals and has been active in the field of social welfare since its very inception- while pursuing the aims and objectives for which this society has been formed is to protect interest of the underprivileged and empower them.

Closely linked to our primary objectives is our continuous effort to improve program conducting capacities so that we are able to make lasting impact in the lives of the poorest and most marginalized communities, especially women and girls. To this end we have adopted the Strategic Programming Framework to contextualize current realities and respond by using impactful and innovative strategies.

We at Aabshar E Ilm Education Social and Welfare Society are devoted and dedicated to work on actual implementation of projects in the rural and urban sectors. We are convinced that in carrying out our aims and objectives envisaging positive results encompassing the lifestyles of teeming thousands of unprivileged people in Maharashtra. With this spirit and goal we have formed this organisation.

In the coming years we will work to further increase our reach and impact, and deepen our efforts in becoming an organisation that builds on its learning, and shares them widely to promote action for the empowerment of women, girls and boys from marginalized communities.

With stronger partnerships and support, we are sure we will continue to move towards achieving our mission of alleviating poverty and social exclusion.

Thanks to our supporters, well-wishers and donors, Aabshar E Ilm Education Social and Welfare Society has stood the test of time.

Our area of Operation

The area of operation of the organisation is whole Maharashtra but at present we are focusing on District Hingoli and nearby areas.

Target Group

Rural, urban poor, underprivileged communities and childrens of the society. Our special emphasis is on Empowering Youth and children, Empowerment through Education and welfare and development of women, child, and vulnerable segment of the society.

Strategies of the Work

The organization strongly believes that active participation of the beneficiaries for success of any activity is inevitable and hence the organization involves the beneficiaries’ right from the stage of planning, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes for sustainability and long-lasting impact.

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