Our NGO has been active and functional in carrying out various activities in accordance with the aims and objectives formulated and cherished by the founders of the NGO.

Accordingly, some of the activities with illustrative photographs of the respective events, programs are appended below:

  • Program and Sanitation and Cleanliness for girls

    A program was organised in girls school for the advantage of students. The importance and relevance of sanitation and cleanliness cannot be overemphasized. We are in modern times. The old system has gone. The world is now more aware about health and hygiene than before. But since the old concepts and old measures to ensure sanitation and cleanliness are still in practice in many part of villages in India and therefore in keeping with the nationwide campaign and mission launch by the government to encourage and inspire girl students to come forward for education and the large no of girls from rural areas are taking education in schools, the program organised by us is relevant as it is necessary for all the girl students whether in urban and rural areas to keep themselves appraised with modern means and utilities for their health, sanitation and cleanliness. Keeping these aspects in view we organised program in girls school with sole intention to make the students aware of this issue. Important tips and advice was given. Useful information on the subject was given in the program also adequate instructions were given to the students and management to provide the facilities and amenities for all the girl students in the school.

    They were also informed about the government schemes on the subject through which required assistance and help could be obtained by school management for their students.

  • Balak Din (Children’s day)

    Balak din in the presence of convent students was celebrated by us in which the children studying in the convents, the teachers of the convent, the management people, parents of the children were participated. Usually Balak Din is celebrated on 14 November in the memory of our 1st Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who was born on 14 November. On this occasion inspiring stories were narrated to the children so as to inculcate the virtues of morality, principals from the lives of great men and women known for their nationalism.

    We believe that such program like Children Day go a long way in transforming the minds of children who are looked upon as future citizens and pillars of democracy in this country and therefore the character building of small children can be achieved through such inspirational programs. We have decided to lay focus and emphasis to celebrate such functions every year in company with school children, teachers and parents for positive results.

  • Program on Cleanliness awareness

    Our organization had conducted event in the school wherein apart from students and teachers local public also were present. Our volunteers explained to them the importance of cleanliness not only in the house but also in the surrounding areas in the outside. The program was organised to spread awareness on cleanliness among the people and it was felt that door to door campaign was also necessary for this purpose. It was impressed upon the audience that cleanliness, sanitation has positive impacts in regard to individual health and hygiene by means of which many diseases could be prevented and with the result that lot on money on medical expenses could be saved. Nearly 80 citizens were present in the program.

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

    The cause of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is so crucial and demanding in our country need not be overemphasized as the same is aimed at protection and advancement of girl child on various fronts and various areas such as discouraging child labour, gender discrimination, atrocities and abuse of female child etc. What is remarkable to note as regards this event is that there was huge response from large no. of students in the city school of Hingoli whose representative attended with keen and sincere interest. The need for spreading awareness among people in general for ensuring protection to girl child was impressed upon the participants. On that occasion the representatives of the school took a solemn pledge that they will dedicate and devote for this noble cause and do everything possible in the matter.

  • Guest lecture for Computer and Tailoring students

    Keeping in view the importance, relevance and validity of the computer training in these modern days when a sort of revolution has taken place in the field of information and technology nationally and internationally, and therefore it is imperative to train the youth in the field. This move is also in sync with the program of skill development launched by the Government and hugely responded by the youth.

    Similarly, with a view to facilitate economic empowerment of men and women in the field of tailoring, our organization has been catering to the needs of people by way of providing training and guidance through experienced resource persons in this field as well as in the field of computer technology.

    Our NGO had accordingly arranged a guest lecture for computer and tailoring students. The resource person (trainer) apprised the participants of the basic and advanced technical knowledge in these fields and impressed upon the students to make the best use of various tools of trade available in the market in order to achieve the optimum results. 25 participants attended the lecture and greatly appreciated the move.

  • Prize Distribution in Cultural program

    In order to promote cultural activities for the purpose of maintaining harmony in the community, our NGO has from time to time carried out various cultural programs in the domain of art, literature, music etc. And to motivate the participants and also to inspire others for active participation in the cultural programs, the NGO distributed prizes to the outstanding contestants in respective cultural fields at the hands of the president of the NGO. In such programs eminent citizens were also invited to boost up the enthusiasm of the participants.

    A good response was received to the event. About 50 to 60 students took part in various activities and prizes were distributed to 5 top contestants in the form of memento, medals and certificate of excellence etc. The prize distribution included awarding of prizes in drawing competition and singing competition etc.

    Our NGO also decided to hold such more programs at regular intervals in the interest of promotion of culture and harmonious relations in the society.

  • Flag Hosting

    With a view to inculcate sense and spirit of patriotism our NGO invariably holds National Flag hosting programs on National Days such as Independence Day and Republic Day in the presence of all members of society, students irrespective of caste, creed, community religion, language etc. Patriotism or national pride is the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a home country and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment. Our motto behind this activity is promote national integration which is pre-requisite for our nation which is marching admirably in all fields and has also earned glorious recognition by the world forums. So therefore, Flag hosting are arranged for the purpose of this noble cause. We noticed a huge response from the public in general as well as from students when the same is held in local school. On such occasions the gathering also benefit from the inspiring speeches not only of the students, teachers but also from the renowned persons in society.

  • Weekly Test of Participants/Beneficiaries

    Even as our NGO organizes training workshops such as computer education, tailoring knowhow etc., the weekly tests are also conducted in order to assess the progress of the participants in the context of the practical and theoretical training imparted to them. This is essential for improvement of the very programs in the interest of the participants so that we are able to make certain positive changes etc. in the program to achieve the target.

    Weekly test comprises questions covering the training material/topics. The data of such test is further analyzed by us to ascertain the level of grasping, learning, assimilating on the part of the participants. We have noticed that the weekly tests cause a sense of healthy competition among the participants. The test also includes practical application of the knowledge/skill learnt by the participants. The participants faring well in the test are suitably rewarded in order to further encourage them and also inspiring confidence in them. It is pertinent to mention that in the training workshops as well as in the tests the cost of material required for use by participants is entirely borne by our NGO and no fees is charged on the beneficiaries.

  • Tailoring Workshops/Weekly Program for Tailoring Students

    This being the routine activity by the NGO in regard to computer and tailoring for students the same comprises basic and advanced knowledge of computer technology whereas as in case of tailoring the same includes embroidery, making dress material etc. for which the raw material required for practice, practical work is provide by our NGO.

    In these workshops basic training on learning how to make dress material, embroidery, Hand sewing work is imparted to participants. The main focus of the workshop is on embroidery work and stitching of dress material capable of sale in the market. The participants are also apprised of the latest trends in the field of garments, designing, modern sewing machines.

    The tailoring activity is meant for women so that after learning the skills they can work somewhere or they can start their own business. Thus, we are helping them to achieve economic independence and empowerment which is very much needed for their individual families and also for positive impact in the community. On an average 30-40 women participants receive training in every batch of tailoring course.

  • Career Counseling

    Seminars and workshops are organized by the NGO for the benefit and advantage of youth from rural and urban areas who aspire to build their career and to be financially independent and also to be able to provide employment to the needy young men and women in the process of expansion of business.

    In these career counseling workshops we enlighten the students about different career options, its scope to flourish, opportunities available in the local area etc. For this purpose all essential guidance is provided through knowledgeable experienced persons in the field. Apart from this we also conduct career assessment test to enable the students to adopt suitable career choices as per their aptitude. In this context various options are also apprised to the students and we very keenly guide the students for selection of options after analyzing the performance of candidates in assessment test. Nearly 250-300 students participated in the event.

  • Sports Competition in Nobel Semi English School, Hingoli

    The intention behind this activity is for promoting sporting talent among the young boys and girls and also to inculcate in them the spirit of sportsmanship, sense of social awareness, spirit of togetherness and spirit of harmony which go a long way in shaping the career including the sports. Accordingly our NGO has been conducting sports competitions. One such competition was organized in Nobel Semi English school, Hingoli wherein various games such as Alphabet Game (which helps to strengthen the faculty of memory), Fish Race Game (the advantages of which can be seen in the form of physical fitness, sharpening the concentration, agility in the contestants), Pick of the ball Game (which not only provides entertainment and enthuse the contestants but also this game inspires the spirit of competition, hand eye coordination, fitness among the students), Musical Chair ( which is not only entertaining, this game is the source of joy of the contestants as well as spectators. This game also inspires agility, physical fitness, faculty of anticipation etc. in the contestants which go to be useful and advantageous in the long run not only in the career but also in life as a whole. Nearly 90 students participated in various games mentioned above and some of them won prizes.

  • Drawing Competition

    With a view to promote the art and to develop the acumen of students in the field of drawing such special drawing competitions are organized. And for this various aspects are taken into consideration for instance to ensure how the talent of the students in the field of drawing can be tapped, explored for excellence depending upon the capability of students. We believe that the students can be guided to opt for adopting this non-conventional career choice in the future if he/she has the potential.

    Our main focus behind organizing such competitions is to boost up creativity among students. The other salient advantage of drawing competition may be seen in the form of inputs arising from this competition for solving tricky social problems through possible creative solutions drawn from the paintings. About 30 small children participated in drawing competition and the top paintings were selected for prizes.

  • Showing Cartoon Movie to children

    Our NGO has been taking special interest and making sincere efforts to arrange the comic movie shows and particularly cartoon movies to the children from time to time as we believe that such events enhance the sharpness of intellect (required for conveying a strong message symbolically through cartoons on various social, political evils and inconsistencies), further enhance the faculty of social awareness because through cartoons we can easily impress the following factors upon the children while grooming them viz. certain alerts to be kept in mind while socializing with unknown people, mannerism such as respecting the elders, inculcating good habits, inspire them to study etc. Brain sharpening games were also part of the session. All this undoubtedly go to make the life meaningful. 35 students watched the cartoon film.

  • Health Checkup Camp at Society Office

    This camp was organised specially for children at the society office which mainly included overall health check by the Doctors in the local area. The focus was to check vision impairment in students, oral health check, blood pressure check, weight and immunization. The objective behind organizing the camp is to ensure importance of health right from early age so that these children become healthy citizens in the future. Moreover, as the saying goes healthy mind in healthy body this objective can be achieved. Nearly 45 students availed of the camp.

  • Debate competition on various subjects/issues

    Our NGO has organized debate competition in the interest of young students in order to promote and enhance the healthy debating capability, spirit of competition, grasp of various issues and subjects so also creating awareness. Such programs go a long way to equip the students with capacity to counter various challenges in life.

    And for those students especially who aspire to choose legal field for practice of law as Advocate such debating competitions can serve in improving their legal acumen, argumentative force, rational analysis of pros and cons of any particular issue before adjudication, such qualities of an excellent debater could stand any professional advocate in good stead at every stage of his career. Further such debate competitions also instill argumentative skills, grasp of knowledge to the core which are helpful in every walks of life.

    This activity has received huge response from the students fraternity and who showed great enthusiasm and interest in participating in this program. Some of the outstanding debaters have also been rewarded by our NGO by way of memento, certificate of excellence etc. Nearly 40 students participated in the event. Our NGO thanks the educational institutions in the area for encouraging the students to participate in the competitions.

  • Prize distribution for best Teachers

    With a view to honour and felicitate and to reward the teachers for their excellence in teaching job as also for their singular contribution to shape the career of students our organization conducted the program for felicitation of the teachers in which some teachers were selected on the basis of their track record, their service with devotion and dedication toward the cause of education, also the overall opinion of the students was also taken into consideration for rewarding the selected teachers.

    Such types of programs not only motivate the teachers to further excel in their profession but also inspire other teachers to put in sincere efforts, devotion and dedication on their own part in the best interest of their respective educational institutions and also of the students.

    Our NGO in the program, after felicitation of the teachers on the dias at the hands of prominent dignitaries, took an opportunity to present prizes to the selected teachers for their excellence. Three such teachers were suitably awarded by the NGO in the presence of gathering of general public, students, teachers, parents and the management people etc. The activity was greatly appreciated by all.

  • Social awareness meeting in village

    As a sort of campaign for spreading social awareness among the people a meeting was organized in the village which was in the vicinity of our NGO wherein the local public was enlightened, through the speech, one to one interaction etc. The topics undertaken by the ngo for this social awareness meeting included issue of cleanliness in and outside the house (from the point of view of health and hygiene). Tree plantation was yet another issue impressed upon the public for encouraging them to plant more trees (from the point of view of need to maintain ecological balance, pollution free environment which is also essential for health and hygiene). The public were also apprised of relevant Government welfare schemes and incentives and they were explained about how to avail the benefits of various schemes.

    Issues such as social harmony in society, national pride were also highlighted in the meeting.

    Nearly a gathering of 150 people had assembled for the meeting and some of them freely expressed their views also. The NGO plans to hold such more meetings in areas far and wide in order to educate large no. of people as far as possible.

  • Communications and Engagements

    For the purpose of garnering response from the beneficiaries as well as from other stakeholders concerning the projects, activities we employ a tool of communication and engagements through our team along with assistance from our associate clients’, partners. However, for future we contemplate to going for advertisements through print and electronic media to effectively and widely serve the purpose of communications.

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